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Litigation Support Services


Marital Dissolution, Shareholder Dispute, and Other Litigation Support Services:

As financial experts, the technical rigor we bring to our work is a lawyer and client’s most valuable asset.  We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate complex valuation issues to clients, counsel, judges and other stakeholders in easy-to-understand terms. Renowned in the litigation community as being well-respected for our integrity and “straight shooter” approach, we are often appointed, or selected by counsel, as a joint valuation expert in litigious valuation matters.

We have significant experience guiding clients and counsel through all phases of the litigation process, including discovery, settlement discussions, mediation, arbitration and trial. Due to our expertise, honest approach and integrity, the experts at Bodmer Price have been recognized and appointed by judges, arbitrators and mediators as valuation experts on numerous matters. 

Our marital dissolution and litigation support services include: 

  • Business valuations

  • Discovery assistance 

  • Income determination 

  • Asset tracing

  • Attendance at Mediation 

  • Expert testimony

  • Assistance with preparation for arbitration and trial

  • Forensic accounting 

  • Lifestyle and needs analyses 

  • Determination of lost profits and/or damages

  • Assistance with corporate dissolution or shareholder exits

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